What is the credit card thickness in mm

What Is The Credit Card Thickness In Mm in USA. The simple answer is 53.98 mm.

A credit card is generally used for a cash advance, repayment of loans, purchases, and more. After using the credit card, a certain minimum amount needs to be paid off within the stipulated time. Do you wonder what might be credit card thickness in mm? Not really.

Every credit card needs to maintain the standardized size of the magnetic strip. This helps to easily swipe with every machine. 

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How Many Millimeters Is A Credit Card ! Credit Card Thickness In Mm !

The credit card is always fascinating when it is new. But no one wonders what credit card thickness would be. Credit cards generally has dimensions of 0.03 inches or 0.76 millimeters. In the USA, the standardized size of credit cards is 85.6 millimeters or 3.37 inches wide and 2.125 inches or 53.98 mm high.

The thickness is a standardized credit card size. The dimension is necessary because when you swipe inside the machine, it needs to match the size of the machine. The standard size of the credit card depends on the magnetic strip. Easy swipe is not possible without the standardized dimension in each machine. 

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Who Standardizes Credit Card Thickness ?

In the United States, two bodies decide the standardized size of all kinds of cards. The cards include credit cards, atm cards, and even debit cards. Both the International Electrotechnical Commission and ISO decide the standard size of the credit cards. There are various categories under these credits cards. These organizations decide under which category what card should fall. This helps for an easy swipe on any kind of machine. 

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What Are The Different Dimensions of A Credit Card ?

The credit card thickness depends on the magnetic strip that gets swiped in the machine. Due to the standard thickness, it gets an easy swipe possible. 

  • If the thickness of the card is 20-24 mil, then it becomes more flexible. 
  • If the card has a dimension of around 10-15 mil, then it can be concluded that the card is thin as paper. 
  • If the card thickness is between 76mm or 30 mils and higher, then the card is used for getting into buildings or parking garages

This is how the credit card thickness is differentiated from each other. This helps to find the proper usage of the card such as under which category it should be utilized. 

Every card has different identification depending on the standardized size. These fall under ID-000, ID-1, ID-2, and ID-3. This ID-1 is also known as CR80. Almost all the cards are approximately the same size. It is because all the cards can have smooth swipe in all kinds of machines.

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What Are Credit Cards Made of ?

Credit cards were introduced in the year 1900. Bank of America set the credit cards on the market in 1958. Gradually the features have been applied as per the demands and supply. The designs depend on the organization whose cards will run in the market. 

In the initial stage, the credit cards were made of celluloid plastic. After that came fiber and metal and then paper. Recently it is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic. Every card has a microchip pasted on it. This microchip card is not made of plastic. It is made of metal. It is made of plastic as it is faster and easier to make. It can be printed on both sides for this plastic.

The credit card has a validity of a maximum of three years. So, PVC plastic is the best option as it can be worn out after a limited period. Thus, as per the credit validity, PVC is considered the best material to use.

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Dimension of Credit Card Inches

As per the US standards and according to the metric system, the credit card should be 3.37 inches or 85.6 mm in width. The height also should be 2.125 inches or 53.98 mm in height.

Almost all credit cards share the same proportion in height, width, and thickness because they should fit all kinds of wallets. The standard rule is set by IOS as their specific standardization. The dimension is basically for the magnetic strip that is on the backside of the credit card. The magnetic strip plays a vital role along with the microchip that is pasted in the front part. 

The magnetic strip has its standard dimension that helps all credit cards to have an easy swipe in all kinds of machines. Since it is difficult to make various kinds of credit cards depending on the machine. So, standard credit card thickness in mm has been determined so that it can be swiped in all kinds of machines.

Thus, it differentiates from all other kinds of cards. The design can be varied depending on the bank. But the standard thickness needs to be maintained as per the ISO and IEC guidelines.

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Final Words !

Thickness and dimensions are the two most important elements of credit cards. Through these elements, vital information is determined. The machine can be of different systems and it cannot be standardized. So, to fit in all kinds of machines the thickness and dimensions have been fixed.

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