Single And Retired What To Do

You have already enjoyed your life to the fullest with friends, colleagues, and more. However, you may or may not get married in the past and are so worried about living a single life after retirement. It has been seen that more than 25% of US adults aged in the range of 50 to 65 are single. But, let me tell you; there is nothing to worry about being single and retired what to do !

Besides, it can be some of your happy days fulfilling your hobbies and recreating your areas of interest again. If you are still wondering about getting bored after retirement, then put it aside and go through this short guide. You will find a lot of enjoyment options after retirement here!

What Do Single Retired People Do All Day ?

Before diving into the plethora of options after retirement, it’s important to know what other single retired people do.

As per the data collected through American Time Use Survey, it has been seen that most single retirees spend most of their time in normal activities like sports, traveling, and personal care activities like sleeping.

The survey highlighted that people aged from 65 to 75 are spending more than 9 hours on personal care activities while 7 hours on various leisure time activities and sports. Except that, they spend 3-4 hours on various household activities and eating/drinking.

Few retirees also love to spend some time in some work-related activities that include trading, mutual fund investment, volunteer work, or some welfare activities.

Cheap Things To Do In Retirement | 7 Powerful Tips Regarding Single And Retired What To Do

I believe that life starts after retirement and more if you are single. It’s because this time is for enjoyment and giving enough time to yourself rather than running after a job.

There are various cheap things to do in retirement life as per your interests. Some of them include –

  • Starting a vegetable garden if gardening is one of your hobbies. You can also get some free groceries from your garden. You may need to invest some pennies for buying seeds; fertilizers but it can be one of the several cheap options.
  • You can also recreate your passion for some musical instruments or art if you had earlier but couldn’t do it due to your job. It is not very costly to join an art class or instrument course. There are several online options as well.
  • Go for some volunteer work like being a guest teacher in the local schools for certain hours a week. Or, you may join some awareness programs related to the field you have done the job for these many years.
  • You can also spend your time in sports. There are many senior sports centers available where you can get your childhood back playing tennis, basketball, and more.
  • Is reading books one of your favourite hobbies? Join a library in your neighbourhood and spend time there reading books of your favourite genre. You can also make some new friends there.
  • If you are good at writing, then start writing about your favourite topic and publish a blog. In-fact you can make money by becoming a freelance writer.

There are more, but we are keeping the list limited to some of the popular ones out there.

How To Enjoy Life After Retirement ?

We have already offered you several things above that you can enjoy in your retirement life. Some other interesting options are there too. Let’s take a look.

  • Traveling is one of the best things that you can do with your old friends.
  • Learning new hobbies can also be a good option like a new language or maybe some sports-related activities.
  • If you love writing, then go for it even if you are the only reader. Write columns. Publish a book.
  • Start a blog or a website of your favourite niche.
  • If you love trading, then become a full-time trader now because you will be left with plenty of time now.
  • Take part in various spiritual activities as that can help your mind to remain cool and also keep you healthy.

Enjoy Your Retirement !

Retirement life is a new stage in life. There is nothing to worry about; you can re-invent yourself after retirement because it’s your time.

Always remember that age is just a number and you will get only one life to live. Try to enjoy it to the fullest.

We have just highlighted a few things through this guide, there are a lot more to explore!

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