Protect Credit Cards From Damage In The Wallet

Everyone who uses multiple credit cards must have came across this question – How To Protect Credit Cards From Damage in The Wallet. Because many at times it becomes very difficult to handle so many credit card in a normal leather wallet. Protecting them from getting damaged inside the wallet is another task.

In this era of evolving technology and advancements, digital money has become the new normal and so has the usage of credit cards. This offers people a way to make transactions quickly and easily. But most often, people notice that their credit cards start to get worn out by staying in their wallets. It can make the withdrawal process difficult as you won’t be able to use a damaged card to purchase things.

In this article, we would be discussing some of how we can protect our credit cards from getting damaged in our wallets.

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Do Metal Wallets Ruin Credit Cards ?

Using metal wallets in the new vogue amongst people. Nowadays, an exceeding number of people are switching to metal wallets for their durability. However, studies have shown that keeping your card for a prolonged time in a metal wallet can lead to harm to the credit card.

Moreover, if you are using a credit card with metallic strips for withdrawals, then it can also lead to sensitive information on it being removed. So, proper care and precautions need to be taken.

Metal cards on one hand can also be a great way to protect your cards from the outside dust and pollutants. But on the other hand, it can lead to irregular folds and creases in the credit card because of its hard and inflexible structure, which can hamper your transaction process. Another concern is that metal wallets could demagnetize your credit cards which can make it difficult to work, in some cases. 

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Do Leather Wallets Ruin Credit Cards ?

People have been using leather wallets for several years, unlike metal wallets. They are most famous for their soft material and sustainability. However, while purchasing leather wallets you should make sure that it is of good quality. Good quality leather wallet protect credit cards from damage in the wallet.

Poor quality leather wallets can get worn out or damaged very quickly. Leather is overall, a harmless material when it comes to storing credit cards, especially because there are lesser chances of your cards getting demagnetized or dented. 

There are currently various brands of leather wallets you can find in the market. It is highly recommended you choose a brand that assures top quality and durability to make your credit cards last longer without any scratches and damage. Moreover, please avoid the leather wallets that come with a metal clasp. 

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Tips About How To Protect Credit Cards From Damage in The Wallet ?

Protecting your credit cards from sudden and unexpected damages is extremely important. A damaged credit card can cause you several problems during transactions or while making withdrawals. 

Some of the ways you can protect your credit cards are as follows:-

  1. One of the unique ways to protect your credit cards in your wallets is by using pieces of cut-out cardboard, covered with aluminum foils and placed between the credit cards in your wallet.
  2. You can also cover your credit cards directly with aluminum foils. It prevents harmful signals from damaging your card.
  3. Use a proper cardholder, designed specifically for keeping your credit card in position to prevent breakage.
  4. In many cases, your cards might get damaged due to coins in your wallet. Make sure to separate the two so that they don’t come in contact with each other.
  5. If your credit card has a magnetic strip, avoid keeping it in proximity to any permanent magnet that might be in your wallet or pockets. 
  6. Make sure to keep your wallet or the credit cards in your front pocket rather than your back pocket. This is because credit cards are more prone to damage when kept in the back pocket, due to constant body weight shift towards the backside. 
  7. Lastly, invest in good-quality wallets. Purchase the wallets that come lined with microfibrils. They can help prevent scratches on the surface of your credit cards.

There are some ways you can prevent damage to the credit cards in your wallet.

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Final Words !

Credit cards can be damaged due to a variety of reasons. Some of them include a poor-quality wallet, regular contact with coins or with other cards, breakage due to body weight, demagnetization due to magnets, etc.

However, we must maintain proper precautions to prevent these damages. A damaged credit, as we have seen, can cause many problems in purchasing a product. So you should definitely consider investing in a good quality wallet. 

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