Part Time Jobs in USA For Indian Students

Between tuition fees, accommodation, and cost of living, Indian students usually find foreign universities extremely expensive. Studying in the US is no different. The US is one of the most expensive countries that provides quality education.

So, while big decisions like the university to be chosen and courses to opt for are the top-most priorities, Indian students must not forget to draft out a plan to manage their day-to-day expenses because if your goal is to study in the US, then you must be prepared to adjust yourself to the fast-paced life and high cost of living. 

Working part-time is the best solution to this problem. While students work part-time, they earn and develop their interpersonal skills as they meet new people and engage with them often. 

We bring this article to shed light on some of the essential queries related to Part-Time Jobs in the USA for Indian Students and how they can sustain themselves daily. 

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Part Time Jobs Salary In USA For MS Students

The US Federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour, which varies from one state to another. It can also be as high as $15 per hour. Here are some essential factors that determine how much you could earn:

  1. The state you decide to go to will primarily determine how much you can earn. The minimum wage varies from one state to another across the US. 
  2. If you have relevant work experience, you will earn more. 
  3. Highly skilled jobs pay $10 per hour and above. 

Hence, students pursuing MS in the US can at least expect anywhere between $7.25 to $10, which is a great start. 

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Categories of Part-Time Jobs For Indian Students 

Part-time jobs in the US are broadly classified into two categories;

  1. On-campus jobs

On-campus jobs are freely permitted by the USCIS regulations and do not require any approval. An F-1 student is subjected to the following rules:

  • The student must hold a valid F-1 status.
  • The student can work up to 20 hours per week while attending school simultaneously.
  • If the student intends to pursue the next semester on the campus, then s/he can work on-campus during vacations and holidays. 
  1. Off-campus jobs

Off-campus jobs come with relatively strict guidelines for international students. An international student is subjected to the following rules:

  • The student must hold a valid F-1 status.
  • The student must obtain OPT or CPT work authorisation. 

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How Much An Indian Student Can Earn In USA?

Every year many students across the globe go to USA to pursue their master degree or MS course. As we have said earlier studying in US is very expensive. After paying the course fee, hostel fee, food fee they are left with very less amount of pocket money. So many international students try to do part-time job.

Everyone has a question in mind “How much can an international student earn per hour in the USA ?”. The answer is it depends. It depends upon the type of work a student wants to do or can do. Students can go for work-study jobs, on-campus jobs, unskilled jobs.

Unskilled jobs include shop clerk, dishwasher etc. In any case, the state govt has fixed a minimum wage. The minimum wage ranges between $10-$15 per hour. But there is a catch. A student can’t work for many hours as per their choice. They can only work upto maximum 20hrs per week.

So if we take the minimum wage i.e $10 per hour, then you can easily make $200 in a week. If you are getting $15 per hour then you can make $300 a week which is a good money for a student.

If any student does not want to go out for a job, they can also earn good amount of money while they are studying. They can become a freelancer or a content writer or a blogger or could be a game art graphics designer.

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Can International Student Work Illegally in USA?

Indian students can also work off-campus by providing evidence of a severe financial crunch. However, they must be cautious that it is illegal to work off-campus in the US without having official authorisation.

They are not allowed to work beyond 20 hours a week. If international students violate these terms, they will lose their F-1 status. Once that is lost, the student will need to apply for reinstatements to regain the F-1 status.

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25 Unique Part-Time Job Ideas For Indian Students In The US

Based on several research and surveys, we have carefully curated a list of some excellent part-time jobs that Indian students residing in the US can take up. It is a combination of off-campus and on-campus jobs. All of these part-time jobs pay enough to sustain daily.  

  1. Teaching assistant
  2. Librarian
  3. Bank teller
  4. Barista
  5. Transcriber
  6. Dog walker
  7. Campus ambassador
  8. Circulation clerk
  9. Research study assistant
  10. Tutor
  11. Peer mentor
  12. Receptionist
  13. Department assistant
  14. Freelance writer
  15. Research study assistant
  16. Nanny
  17. Freelance photographer
  18. Fitness instructor
  19. Bookkeeper
  20. Taxi driver
  21. Sales representative
  22. Virtual Assistant
  23. Mystery shopper
  24. Baby sitter
  25. Tour guide

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Part Time Jobs in USA for Indian Students | Which Part-time Job Is Best For Students in The USA?

We understand that looking at so many part-time job options can create confusion amongst students. So in this section of the article, we will discuss the top seven part-time jobs that are the best for Indian students residing in the US. 

1. Teaching Assistant

A teaching Assistant or TA is a position that lets students be around your academics outside of your university hours. Students will have to assist their professors in their day-to-day teaching responsibilities, including preparing for the class, assigning homework and assignments, and mentoring students if required. 

2. Tourist Guide

As tourist guides, students can show tourists around their university’s location. They can work shifts and earn potential clients from nearby tourist attractions like amusement parks and resorts. It is one of the best part-time jobs as students stay close to their universities. 

3. Librarian

A librarian’s primary roles include sitting at the front desk, making entries of books that have been borrowed and returned, and helping visitors find the books they are looking for. The best part about being a part-time librarian is that students can also study their courses simultaneously. 

4. Babysitters

Several teachers and other staff members are constantly hunting for someone who can babysit their toddlers. So, if students are good at handling babies, they can opt for these part-time jobs. 

5. Drivers

A driver might work in delivering parcels across the state or simply dropping people from one corner to another. Drivers are in demand any day of the year. So, if you know driving and have a valid license, you can pick up shifts at Uber or any other taxi service and earn some dimes. 

6. Barista

A barista’s duty is to make beverages. They can be employed in a bar or store that serves coffee. It is one of the most commonly taken up part-time jobs. Students need to know basic brewing coffee and basic serving etiquettes. 

7. Freelance Writer

A freelance writer writes content in the form of blogs, articles, thesis, creative writing and assignments. Doing this as a part-time job will also help students gain additional insights into other fields and domains. 

In-fact if you want to make a serious career in writing you can learn it from experts around the world.

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Final Words !

Supporting your needs as a student while living in the US can be extremely difficult because the US is an expensive country with high living costs. However, it is common for Indian students to take up part-time jobs in the fields mentioned above and sustain themselves while in the US.

It is essential to choose a part-time job based on relevant experience and current field of study. It is advisable to stick to your current field as much as possible. We hope this article clarifies the part-time jobs that Indian students residing in the US can take up.

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