How to Get Child Support Off Credit Report

How to Get Child Support Off Credit Report ? You can not remove the information from the report. Only possible thing you could do is raise a dispute if you find any discrepancies in the report for example if you have paid off child support and it is still showing up on your credit report.

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How to Get Child Support Off Credit Report ?

When a husband and wife decide to part ways, it is a very tough decision for the entire family. The family goes through turmoil. It not only affects the spouses but the children too. It disturbs the family emotionally and hits the financial balance too.

It is not always easy for a single parent to bring up a child. Child Support comes to help the single parents who take care of the child in such situations.

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What Does Child Support Mean?

When one parent stops living with a child, the parent has some financial responsibilities toward the child. The parent who does not live with the child (the noncustodial parent) has a legal obligation to provide for the basic expenses of a child, for example, the child’s food, clothing, education, health, shelter, etc.

The parent who does not live with the child has to make monthly or periodic payments to the custodial parent. This situation arises when the parents go for divorce or decide to separate or when the parents are not married at all.

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What Does Child Support Credit Mean?

It is hard to get credit on child support unless you apply for it or seek it from the court.

The parent, who is supposed to pay for the Child Support, gets credit for child support under certain circumstances. 

  • You have a child support obligation, but the child comes to live with you for a while. 
  • The spouses decide to live together for some time with the child.

For such a period, when the child is with the parent who has an obligation for child support, the parent need not pay for the Child Support. The parent can get a waiver or credit on the arrears by informing the court.

It is advisable that the parent seeks a modification order in court.

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Why is Child Support on My Credit Report ?

The government of the State wants information on overdue child support in your credit report. You do not make timely payments for child support, the information is given by the credit reporting agencies to the State. It also appears on your credit report. It affects your credit score too.

Will Paying off Child Support Improve My credit Score?

Your credit report will show child support arrears for 7years. It is avoidable if you have had a deal with the child support enforcement agency. If you pay the overdue child support completely, or in part, the agency may give a negative report. Some agencies may agree to eliminate all negative information. Many will report that you were delinquent in the past.

How to Get Child Support off the Credit Report?

If you pay your child support on time, it will never appear on your credit report. But, if you miss paying your child support on time, it will appear on your credit report. The late payment can remain on your credit report for 7years.

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What Would Happen if You Are Paying A Late Child Support Payment?

Even on paying the late Child Support payment, the negative remark on your credit report will not disappear for seven years. Yet the payment will improve your credit score as it is marked fully paid.

Even After Paying the Child Support Arrears, Sometimes It Is Not Updated in the Experian Credit Report.

Sometimes you face this problem. You have made all the payments on child support, yet it appears as a due balance owed in the child support account in the Experian credit report.  You can also dispute it by mail or by phone by using the contact information given in your credit report.

You may have to show documents that show that you have paid the arrears completely. You may get the records updated in the child support enforcement agency or the office reporting the account to the enforcement agency. 

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What to Do If You Cannot Pay Child Support?

Sometimes situations go out of your control and you are genuinely not able to pay the Child Support. You may lose your job, may face a health emergency or your income is just not enough to pay every month. Talk to your other partner and decide on what you can pay. If you both are able to come to a conclusion or not, in both the cases keep the courts informed. The court may arrange for a modified arrangement.

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Final Words !

The best way to make sure that child support does not appear on your credit report is to make the payments of Child Support on time. Delay in child support payment will appear on the credit report and it will also remain for 7years. Pay the arrears. Make all your payments on time. It will help improve your credit score and, with time, it will have a lesser effect on your credit.

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