How Much A Student Can Earn In The USA While Studying

How Much A Student Can Earn In The USA While Studying – to answer this question I would say sky is the limit. You can earn as much as you want. As a student you may not be allowed to work more than 20 hours a week, but you can start a youtube channel, become a proof reader, develop a game for a client etc.

If you are a student looking to pursue your academics in the US, you might be aware that the US is one of the most expensive countries. However, the quality of education is at par in the US.

Hence, with a proper plan and financial guidance, you can draft a plan for your education in the US. 

So, if you have certain skills that will be helpful to earn money while studying. 

This article will shed light on some of the frequently pondered questions related to how much a student can earn in the USA while studying.

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How Much An International Student Earn in USA Per Month?

Most students in the US try to support themselves financially by taking up to 2 jobs simultaneously. One of the jobs is an on-campus job, while the other is an off-campus job. When the F1 visa covers you, each job has its limitations, rules, and regulations. 

However, the most crucial criterion is the wage. As a student, the law allows you to work for 20 hours a week. In most cases, they can earn easily 8-15$ per hour even if they won’t have much experience. A lot is doable in these 20 hours, and you can earn sufficiently well to support your living expenses daily. If international students can able to work 20 hours per week and if they are getting something around 8-15$ per hour, then they can easily earn between $650 to $1250 per month.

Also, if they have enough technical skills in various fields, then also they can easily earn by selling their services as a freelancer. This is not only good for having an extra income but also it helps to increase the work experience on the technology or the service whatever they provide and they can also learn how to handle or behave with clients so that will be very helpful on a longer run.

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Register Yourself As A Freelancer

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How Can I Earn Money While Studying in The USA?

The answer to this question is highly relative. How much an international student will earn depends on the state s/he is residing in because every state has a different law governing the minimum wage. However, two broad classifications of jobs for international students will give you a rough estimate of how much you can earn while studying in the US. 

  1. On-campus jobs

An important factor about on-campus jobs is the type of job you take up. The average salary or pay highly depends on the State’s minimum wage. However, the hourly wage can vary from $8 to $16. 

Average on-campus job salary: The average on-campus job salaries vary from $650 to $1250 a month if you work on-campus for 20 hours a week. 

Example: If your state minimum is USD 10, your university pays you $10 for an on-campus job, and you work for 20 hours a week, then you earn $800 easily. 

  1. Off-campus job

F1 students need a special permit if they want to work off-campus jobs. Like on-campus jobs, off-campus jobs have different wages. If students have documentation and paperwork, they can demand fair wages. The legal pay range ranges from $8 to $15. 

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Is It Easy to Get A Part-Time Job in The USA?

As a student, you will find ample job opportunities in the US. To help you be clear about your choices, this section of the article highlights the rules that govern on-campus and off-campus jobs. When you are clear with the rules and laws governing part-time jobs, you will refine your job search accordingly and find yourself the best-suited opportunity. 

Rules governing on-campus jobs

  1. International students must maintain valid F-1 status. 
  2. International students can work up to 20 hours per week only. 
  3. The employer cannot displace the job of a US resident.
  4. If international students register for the upcoming academic session/semester, they can work during the vacations and holidays of the preceding semester/academic session. 

Rules governing off-campus jobs

  1. International students must maintain valid F-1 status. 
  2. International students must get the necessary work-related authorization in CPT and OPT. 
  3. The jobs that you take up can be related to your field of study or can also be a part of your curriculum. 
  4. International students can work off-campus if they manage to provide pieces of evidence of severe economic hardships. 
  5. International students can face repercussions if they work off-campus without the necessary authorization. 

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What Is The Highest Paying Part-Time Job?

Below is a list of the top ten highest-paying jobs in the US that help students manage their day-to-day finances and living expenses. 

  1. Barista
  2. Tutor 
  3. Peer Mentor
  4. Library assistant
  5. Campus Ambassador
  6. Receptionist
  7. Research Study Assistant
  8. Department assistant
  9. Food runner
  10. Catering assistant
  11. Sales assistant

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Final Words !

As an international student, earning in the US is necessary for most students because the US is an expensive country. However, that does not stop students from pursuing their dreams. The US welcomes and accommodates students from different walks of life and allows them to earn. At the same time, they learn by offering several part-time on and off-campus jobs that will help them manage their daily expenses.

If you are looking to move to the US or if you are an international student already residing in the United States, you just need some minute clarifications and expert guidance that will help you carve out a path of approach towards landing these part-time jobs.

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