Does Insurance Cover Reconstructive Surgery After Mastectomy

does insurance cover reconstructive surgery after mastectomy ? We will learn all details about this question in less that 4 headers in this article.

In today’s world, most women suffering from breast cancer can get full prevention with successful treatment as the medical field has progressed a lot. However, in some cases, it can be mandatory to get their entire breast removed through a medical process termed ‘mastectomy.’

Often, doctors also advise that some women if they are born with a cancer-causing gene like BRCA1 or BRCA2 so that the future risk of breast cancer can be somewhat removed.

So, as you have understood, mastectomy is a medical surgery process to remove the entire breast, especially for cancer patients. This surgery is done when women can’t be treated with a lumpectomy procedure, a woman wants to have a mastectomy, or for those at risk to develop breast cancer the second time.

Mastectomy can be broadly classified into two types – partial and double. In a partial mastectomy, one breast is removed while in the double, both breasts are removed.

Whatever be the case, breast cancer patients often have doubts regarding ‘does insurance cover reconstructive surgery after mastectomy ?’ To clear that confusion, we have decided to design this informative guide. Along with that, we will let you know other sides as well.

Does A Mastectomy Shorten Your Life ?

Many women decide to remove their breasts through mastectomy procedure so that their life expectancy or survival can be increased. Women who are at high genetic risk for breast cancer can undergo the process of mastectomy as that can help to some extent in the long run.

As per the existing data for over 20 years, women treated with stage 1 breast cancer surviving 10 years is greater than 98% while that of 20 years is nearly 90%. The number considerably decreases for women with stage 2 breast cancer. 77% of women survive for 10 years while 58% for 20 years in this case.

Double mastectomy also has very little impact on life expectancy. It is seen that women diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer having double mastectomy can increase the life expectancy by seven months while less than four months for stage 2.

So, it can be inferred that although the survival rates are not much considerable, its possibility is greater than 0. Hence, it can be a reasonable choice to get benefits in the long run for some cancer patients.

Does Insurance Cover Reconstructive Surgery After Mastectomy ? Does Insurance Cover Double Mastectomy ?

In the United States, breast cancer has become quite common among women. The treatment of cancer is also quite expensive whether you go for lumpectomy, partial mastectomy, or double mastectomy. Life insurance is considered to be an important protection of life that everyone must do. However, cancer is often considered a pre-existing condition.

Fortunately, there are life insurances that you can get as a cancer patient as well. Some term life insurance can be higher for breast cancer patients but various tips can easily help you to fetch life insurance at reasonable rates.

Plenty of options for life insurance are available to consumers and depending on the stage of breast cancer, you can get one. If you are in remission (past the waiting period), then you can apply for a term life insurance or a whole one. If you are cancer-free and within the waiting period or currently suffering from cancer, then a guaranteed issue will be your option.

As per WHCRA, it stated that insurance companies have to provide coverage after mastectomy. As per that law, it requires coverage for all stages of breast reconstruction that has been diagnosed with mastectomy procedure, surgery and other reconstruction procedures of the breast, prostheses, and also various other treatments for physical complications of mastectomy.

Slight variations to this can be there based on various insurance companies for which the best part is to consult with the health insurance company.

For life insurance policies, there is a certain waiting period for cancer patients depending on the stage. In the early stage form of breast cancer, the waiting period for getting life insurance is somewhat around several months to 10 years after being treated. Even after that, you need to pay a higher premium but once you become cancer-free after 5 years, the quotes can be revised.

With stage 3 breast cancer, the waiting period will be 10 to 15 years before life insurance coverage can be provided and that can cost you much more. If you have stage 4 breast cancer, then the only life insurance policy option that you are left with is a guaranteed issue that is highly expensive.

Let me provide you with certain tips that can help you to get life insurance coverage after breast cancer. These are almost similar whether you have undergone a partial or double mastectomy.

  • You will never find that all insurance companies will be ready to provide insurance coverage for cancer patients. And, even if some company provides, there will be a lot of considerations that they check like tumor size, location, and more. So, be ready to accept rejections from several insurance companies.
  • Getting life insurance after cancer treatment is not so easy. So, it’s better to not apply alone and have a conversation with an experienced agent in this field. They will search for insurance coverage that fits you and also within your budget.
  • Also, provide all the relevant documents and pathology reports to the agent so that they can send those to several insurance companies simultaneously. That can make the process faster because submitting documents to several insurance companies can help to fetch one easily.
  • Though term life insurance quotes can be expensive for breast cancer patients, go for it if you can afford that. Besides, try to get the maximum coverage that the life insurance companies are ready to provide and also do it for the long term. It can help your loved ones to stay protected and also offer you peace of mind.

Final Words !

We have tried to keep this guide as simple as possible because it is a bit complicated and a debatable topic. Hope that you have liked it and received adequate information.

There are a lot of insurance companies that provide coverage for a partial or double mastectomy. It all depends on your research and way of thinking.

So, don’t worry and stay happy!

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