Does Car Insurance Cover Non-accident Repairs

Does Car Insurance Cover Non-accident Repairs ? The answer to this question is both Yes and No. The coverage is absolutely depends on the car owner, what type of plan they have chosen.

The insurance companies usually offer multiple plans with different coverage options. If non-accidental coverages are included in a particular insurance plan, then definitely it would be covered(With some conditions applied.). But this is definitely going to cost some extra bucks.

Owning a car can be nice and fancy until you get into a car accident or a natural disaster causes unexpected damage to your car. It may come as some relief when you realize that your car insurance company is there to bring you out of the mess. 

However, not all the damages occur due to natural disasters or accidents. Some damages happen due to wear and tear of machine parts. This wear and tear needs to be repaired or replaced. Hence, car insurance has some know-how because they do not cover all the damages that your car incurs. It may come as a confusion.

Hence, this article sheds light on what car insurance covers and whether non-accident repairs are covered.

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What Does Car Insurance Cover ? Does Car Insurance Cover Non-accident Repairs ?

A car insurance policy consists of multiple coverages clubbed into one that offers several types of protection, including liability insurance, collision coverage and much more. When you opt for car insurance, you get to choose the coverages you want along with their limits and deductibles. You can choose as many coverages as you want to increase the protection. However, the rates will be higher too. 

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What Non-accidental Car Repairs Does Car Insurance Cover?

Some car insurance coverages, like the comprehensive coverage, are a plan that protects you from non-accident repairs. This, however, excludes regular maintenance repairs of your car. In other words, comprehensive coverage covers occurrences that exclude collisions of your car with other vehicles and other objects. Comprehensive coverage includes the following:

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What Does Car Insurance Not Cover?

This section will discuss some standard exclusions of car insurance irrespective of the policy or type of car insurance you have opted for. 

Loss due to wear and tear

Failure of chassis, body parts of the car, mechanical breakdowns, electrical breakdowns, or breakage due to rusting of parts shall not be eligible for a claim. In short, loss occurring due to usual wear and tear of parts of your vehicle is not eligible for claiming insurance. 

Damages to the car if the driver is under the influence of alcohol

Insurers refrain from offering insurance policies that will cover the damages caused if the driver has consumed alcohol or any other intoxicating substances. 

Damages to electrical equipment, tyres or electronics

Your car’s tires shall wither if there is constant use over time. Hence, they are not a part of an insurance claim. Similarly, components or equipment damaged due to short-circuit, an infestation of rodents and weather conditions will not be compensated. 

Damages incurred during wars.

If your car incurs damage in a biochemical attack, a war, fire explosion, nuclear explosion or a similar event, then you will not be able to claim for the damages. 

Damages due to racing

If your car has been a part of organized racing, then any damages caused in the event shall not be covered under the insurance. It includes collision and property damages. Also, the insurance will offer a zero claim policy if your car is a part of sharing programs. 

Injuries and damages were caused intentionally.

Often, people damage their car intentionally to claim insurance reimbursements. However, they fail at their claims because a thorough investigation happens before insurance claims and reimbursements. So, anyone trying to damage their car or property intentionally will not get any reimbursement. 

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Does Car Insurance Cover Maintenance Costs?

Owning a car does invite other financial imbalances because maintenance costs are very high if not planned well. These maintenance costs add to your expenses, and often, the numbers are high. As of now, no insurance policy covers the maintenance costs. 

If your car insurance is borne by a third-party cover, property damages, death, accidents, collisions, and bodily injuries are covered. But maintenance is not covered. A comprehensive policy, too, does not cover regular maintenance expenses.

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How Much Will Insurance Pay to Fix My Car?

First things first. To claim reimbursement for your car, you will first need to file a claim with the company providing you insurance. How much the insurance covers to fix your car depends on the coverage plan you have and the one who is at fault for the damages.

If the driver is at fault, then the property damage coverage will cover your car’s damages as long as their policy permits. The insurance you have opted for will pay for the damages incurred by your car. You can seek reimbursement from the driver’s insurance company. 

Besides these, if you are the one at fault and have incurred damage to your car, then the collision coverage policy will pay for all the required repairs, provided you have opted for this policy. It would be best if you also met the required deductible.

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Final Words !

These days, several car insurance policies provide total coverage costs to damages that your car may incur. However, they do not pay for the usual maintenance and repair of your car. Cars today are far more advanced than they used to be. Hence, any wear and tear in any parts can dent your finances. Hence, here are some ways to help you reduce the financial burden of maintenance and repairs.

  1. Do routine maintenance checks
  2. Research the model, year and its make before investing in it. 
  3. Invest in a reliable and skilled car mechanic who knows all the know-how. 
  4. Always check the warranty.
  5. Set aside some money each month towards repairs. 

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