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Here on this Blog letstalkfinance.net, we will share all the best and authentic information related to Finance, Money Making, Investments, Insurance and lots more.

The Motive behind opening this website is to provide authentic information related to Financial Health in English language.

It is a place for the people who are looking for solutions to many unsolved financial queries which were never answered before and not found on the web.

The motive behind starting letstalkfinance is to provide the best, updated, and tried and tested information to the people who want to learn and earn using money. As there is a saying money makes money. Once you learn how to do passive income then you can be the next Warren Buffet or Charlie Munger. Over the past 10 years I myself have struggled a lot to find answers to many finance related questions like ‘which is the best health insurance’, ‘pros and cons of supply chain management’, ‘Can I buy car insurance on expired licence’ etc but never got a proper answer.

Done a lot of research on various money making topics by reading books, attending seminars, discussing with colleagues and finally decided to help people like me who are looking for answers. We want to build a community using this website to help each other on various finance related topics.

We have listed all the Information that can change someones life; information that pumps up someones businesses, information that gets them a lot of money. Yeah, a lot of money. And we share the information keeping it as easy as possible for you to understand.

Every piece of information that I share comes after a through research so that you get the best out of it. If you have any suggestions, then feel free to ping me. I’d really appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Please post us using our social network handles.

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