101 Things To Do When You Retire

People get much more worried when they think about their retirement life due to the fear of getting bored. Retirement life can seem challenging for most people to cope up with after spending so many years of working life.

As you gradually approach the retirement age, a picture comes up in your mind where there is nothing to do all day with plenty of time than ever before. However, proper retirement planning both personally and financially can help you to overcome that boredom easily.

Yes, there are plenty of things that can keep you engaged. We have listed down the 101 things to do when you retire through this guide. It took me almost two days to figure out all these items, so you can imagine how proper retirement planning requires time.

Let’s start with the interesting items that you can do during your retirement life!

An Awesome List of 101 Things to Do when You Retire

Below we have jotted down the 101 ideas that you can do in your retirement life:

  1. You can study for a degree in any field as per your preference during the post-retirement period.
  2. Traveling around the world.
  3. Join a course in a different language other than the ones you know.
  4. If writing is your passion, go for it and self-publish some either online or offline.
  5. You can become a beta reader and earn some money.
  6. Do some freelance job like Data Entry.
  7. It’s time to start your hobby of reading novels again.
  8. Volunteering.
  9. Learn cooking.
  10. Start writing on your favourite topic and publish a blog. In-fact you can hire freelancers to write for you.
  11. Start a local store or business if you can.
  12. If you are good in any sports, become a coach or start a local sports school for kids.
  13. Make new friends, you can also play some indoor games with them like carom, table tennis, badminton, etc.
  14. Good in cycling? Take a round across the city with your cycle.
  15. Join a course on some sort of musical instrument.
  16. Become a visiting lecturer in some schools or colleges as per your skills.
  17. Eat all your favourite dishes from the world’s top restaurants.
  18. Adopt a pet dog or cat and train them.
  19. If you have an interest in painting, go for it.
  20. Watch the top movies of all time.
  21. You can even learn some magic tricks.
  22. Enjoy a second honeymoon with your partner.
  23. Go for long drives quite often.
  24. You can even start a YouTube channel.
  25. You can even buy a camera and become a photographer.
  26. Start a garden in your backyard.
  27. Becoming a bird watcher or astronomer is also a good idea.
  28. Go for scuba diving.
  29. Trekking.
  30. Sky diving.
  31. Wanted to be an actor always? If possible, apply for some side roles in the movies.
  32. Single and retired? Go on a date, why only young guys and girls will enjoy it!
  33. Join a class to learn self-defense.
  34. Meditation is one of the most popular tricks to avoid boredom.
  35. Take part in a Storytelling competition.
  36. Ventriloquism is also a good thing to master during your retirement.
  37. Restoration of old cars or boats can also be a good thing to do.
  38. Why not learn a new sport? You can even build a new team that will increase your reputation.
  39. Learn the tricks to make all sorts of coffee and start a new café.
  40. Join a gym designed for senior people.
  41. Become a motivational speaker.
  42. If you are good at finance, become a financial advisor. There is a great demand.
  43. Remodeling your house can be a good idea.
  44. Babysitting.
  45. You can even make some Halloween costumes for yourself or your loved ones.
  46. Stamp collection can be a nice thing to do if you have that hobby.
  47. Learning to cut your hair.
  48. You can also start building an exotic fish tank in your house.
  49. Become a seller on some popular marketplaces like Amazon.
  50. Search for newer places to settle and also spend some months there every year.
  51. You can even become a tour guide in your own city.
  52. Join yoga classes.
  53. Swimming.
  54. Going to the movies.
  55. Invent a new game through coding if you are an expert in that.
  56. Listening music.
  57. Fishing can be another awesome thing.
  58. Write comics.
  59. Starting a new charity.
  60. Visit all your favorite concerts.
  61. Along with trekking, you can plan camping with friends.
  62. Crossword puzzle solving.
  63. Mentoring someone like your neighbors.
  64. Make a personal diary to note down everything you do the entire day.
  65. Compose music.
  66. Join a band.
  67. Learn sewing.
  68. Organizing tours with all the senior people in your localities.
  69. You can even do Karaoke.
  70. Good at entertaining people. Take part in standup comedy.
  71. Join a dance class of any form.
  72. Playing newly launched video games.
  73. Try out some DIY things to engage yourself.
  74. Start researching newer fields of investing.
  75. Walk around the city.
  76. Joining a wine tasting club.
  77. If you are Christian, becoming a church minister can be a good idea.
  78. Join a spiritual class.
  79. You can even update Wikipedia with your knowledge of anything.
  80. Join part-time jobs that are designed for seniors.
  81. Directing a movie if you are good at it.
  82. Pet sitting can be a good idea too.
  83. Document all achievements of your life.
  84. Learning or playing chess is an amazing thing.
  85. Join politics if you like it.
  86. Offer a helping hand to lonely people.
  87. Visiting holy places around the world.
  88. Watch sunrise and sunset.
  89. Running for a marathon.
  90. Build a drone and take part in drone racing.
  91. Doing random acts of being kind.
  92. Try to give up your addiction if you have any.
  93. Learn sailing.
  94. Do all sorts of things to maintain your health.
  95. Have a regular medical checkup.
  96. Become a full-time trader in the stock market if that’s your area of interest.
  97. Crocheting is also a good skill to learn.
  98. Increase your financial knowledge.
  99. If you are good at driving, register your own car as a cab.
  100. Become a driving trainer.
  101. Become a fitness trainer.
  102. Personal care activities, including sleeping too.
  103. Create a list of 101 things to do yourself as per your choice.

Final Thoughts !

The main objective of retirement life is to keep yourself engaged in certain activities that can prevent you from getting bored. It’s a mandatory one to do because boredom can lead to depression and frustration which may even cost your life sometimes.

We hope that you get to know that there are more than hundreds of items that you can do in your retirement life to keep yourself happy and engaged.


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